bench demonstration (Parkbank-Demo)
concept for public space

No time to waste, no time for politics. Often people have a political opinion but they don’t want to spend time for political engagement. My concept of a sitting demonstration in a park offers people a platform to show their political opinion while doing what they would do anyway, spending leisure time on a bench. A street sign, it looks just like the German street signs, is put up next to a bench in a park. You can flip the sign and chose between different declarations. E.g: „Sit and demonstrate against Mugabes dictatorship in Zimbabwe“, „Sit and demonstrate against grumbling moaners“ or „sit and demonstrate for world peace“. People passing by often think those sitting on the bench have brought the sign. During many hours the bench never really got empty, people even joined those demonstrating.

The „bench demonstration“ got published in Florian Pfeffer’s book: „To do: Die neue Rolle der Gestaltung in einer veränderten Welt