object recycling workshop
research | teaching

An old mini skirt, broken cellphone parts and pieces of sun glasses – not in use anymore, and ready to end up on the dumpsite. The USANII LAB crew found creative ways to reuse and recycle.

This workshop was one of the first one-day workshops I conducted with USANII LAB, a media- art- and design project I founded in Nairobi, Kenya.

Everybody brought an object he/she didn’t like anymore and sold it on our USANII LAB auction to someone else. With a newly purchased product the creative transformation began. The old, useless, broken object was turned into a new product which would help to improve life. The new product got a name, a claim (slogan) and a poster designed for it.

The workshops’ output were ingenious surprises. Did you ever hear of the Bikini Pouch, the Electric Cup or Kaboom Music? Watch USANII LAB’s recycling video and find out how useless objects got transformed into new products. In addition to the new products in the video other inventions were technical products or ideas which could be transformed into apps.