Interviews with South African Creatives
research | video | editing | project organizing

How does Design look like and function in South Africa? Have a taste and get to know some South African creatives. I interviewed 8 designers and artists and talked with them about their work, the influence of their cultural background, South African art and design and its vivid popular culture scene. The interviews point out the fascinating, diverse, sometimes unique and sometimes contradicting heritage and views on contemporary art and design in South Africa and which impact design can make.

The interviews were not just focused on visual identity but also on the circumstances and ways of working being a creative in South Africa. The boundaries between the creative disciplines seem to be more blurry than I know it from Germany, there is often no big difference between Art and Design, it’s about being creative. This makes collaborations between different artists very relevant. There is a lack of museums and cultural institutions which causes several thrilling self initiated projects. The internet acts as a „new“ museum/archive for Art in Africa. Young artists use social media to showcase their artworks, networking and for job opportunities and a variety of brilliant blogs and online galleries arise.

The video interviews were done in March 2012 with the great help of Christoph Spatschek doing camera work and traveling together to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Thanks a lot to the great interview partners: Moonchild Sanelly, Sindiso Nyoni, Solomon (BIG FKN GUN), Xanele Puren, Louis de Villiers, Peet Pienaar, Laduma Ngxokolo and Garth Walker who are all creatives based in South Africa.